Remote Access

With the use of internet technology, almost every access control or monitoring system can now be configured for remote (or off site) use.

The application of remote access technology has numerous benefits and is often a considerable cost-saving solution. For example, one employee can monitor numerous properties and control access to buildings, gated yards or individual bay doors.

In combination with an alerting system, remote access can be an invaluable tool in emergency situations, by providing entry to police or fire fighters.


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Remote Access

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“As an owner at Citadel Ridge, I really appreciate the access control and security systems Cutting Edge Security installed here. The enter-phone system is programmed to our cell phones, so we can let visitors in when we’re running late and have packages delivered to our apartment door even when we’re out. The hallway camera is a great security feature, and I love the fob entry for the front door and garage. The building was constructed in 2005, and as of 2018, I’ve been here for five years without having any issues. Great work!”
Marg S.